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Now Available New 11.6 oz. wt. Bottles

Now Available New 11.6 oz. wt. Bottles


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Original 1 oz Packs and Boxes

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Chocolate #9 is a new kind of energy gel.

Chocolate #9 is different because it:

  • is sweetened only with organic agave.
  • contains no refined sugar or other HIGH glycemic index sweeteners.
  • has been – tested and certified – as a “LOW” glycemic index (GI) item.
  • Chocolate #9 LOW GI gel reduces the negative effect of repetitive insulin “spiking” during sustained exercise.
  • won’t cause a sugar high or a sugar low – bonk.
  • is an excellent energy choice for endurance athletes.
  • is suitable for most diabetics – and used by Team Type 1.
  • is an excellent choice for those not wanting to eat refined sugar.
  • is vegan, low fat and gluten free.
  • contains no synthetics – no unpleasant aftertastes – tastes great.
  • contains no “mystery” ingredients, colorings, or preservatives.
  • is easy on the stomach.
  • best of all — Chocolate #9 tastes great.

From the founder – Why Chocolate #9

For over 40 years, I have been interested in nutrition and health. While getting ready for a climb of Mt. St. Helens a number of years ago, I decided to try some “energy gels” on the climb. When I shopped for the gels I was shocked when I read the list of ingredients. What I found was high glycemic index sugars, food colorings, additives, preservatives and even carnauba wax. I wondered what separated these energy gels from candy. I won’t deny that candy can supply energy. But the real question is this: Are endurance performance energy needs optimally met with High Glycemic Index – candy like – carbohydrates? I do not think so.

The overwhelming body of written data on High Glycemic Index foods indicates they are associated with increased levels of diabetes, obesity, hypertension and numerous other conditions. It does not make sense that foods associated with these problems are a good choice for endurance sports.

So I asked myself – why do athletes want to refuel on essentially junk food? To provide and option, I decided to create what we now call Chocolate #9.

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